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A new start. 
9th-Apr-2017 09:12 pm
shusuran: (Default)
Well, I have just created this account so I wonder what I shall do with this blog.

For starters, I could use it to ramble on about my very bland life.

I have been waiting for almost five weeks for my Kis-My-Ft2 calendar to arrive but it's finally here and I love it.

I like how the calendar was compiled in a ring binder which in my opinion gave it a charming classy feel. Additionally, I like how you can display it with the page holder that was included.
I have to admit though that I had to think for a few minutes before I realized how to make it stand.

The whole shoot is visually stunning and Amami-Oshima island looks like such an incredibly beautiful place. As I went through the pages and saw the pictures they took in the woods I immediately thought "Well, damn, this place looks like it could be straight out of Princess Mononoke". The whole place has a strong rural feel to it, as if it was hardly touched by the modernity of today's advanced technology society. Looking at it gives me a sense of peace.
I may have been born and raised in the city but being surrounded by nature just calms me.

The guys themselves seemed to have plenty of fun. The way the pictures were taken give off a slight personal feel. It makes me think that this is what a class trip must be like.
I have been on plenty but honestly, it was never f u n. You can hardly see me smile in pictures, if there are pictures of me at all.

After looking through the whole calendar I am just hit by wanderlust. I wish I could afford to get around right now but I have to stick around because I have to move out this summer.
But if everything goes right, I might be able to take a trip to beautiful Sweden in August.

Anyways, displaying every page in this beautiful calendar for the coming year will be something to look forward to in this very bland life I am leading.

On another note, yesterday I decided to check out the group Little Glee Monster and I was immediately smitten. LGM consists of six adorable young ladies with breathtaking strong vocal prowess.

I found quite a few videos of them performing a capella and it just sounded like a bliss to the ears and soul. I was stunned to find out that neither of these young girls are even of age yet. Still, their skill is no joke, I do wonder how their sound is going to develop in the years to come.

That's it for my very recent happenings in my terribly plain life.

In the next few days I might manage to figure out what direction this blog of mine should take.

As all the spring dramas I am looking forward to will gradually start to air from Wednesday on, starting with "Haha ni Naru", I might review them. Or not. Who knows.
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