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Don't ask. 
26th-Apr-2017 07:55 pm
shusuran: (大貴・1)

Recently, I decided to rid of all my social media presence. No one should know anything about me. Ever. Especially not people I do not particularly care about.

That's why I just loathe when my Japanese class teachers ask personal questions in class. It's not even that personal.
It's just simple questions like "what do you like to eat?" "what do you like to drink?" "where would you like to travel to in Japan?" "what kind of ice cream do you like?" but I do not like to answer them. At all. I just go with my standard answer "i don't like it/i don't care". I just do not want random people knowing things about me. In this case, I am talking about my classmates.

The only time I actually did reveal a personal information in class was when my teacher asked "what kind of person are you" and I blurted out what came to my mind first. Which was otaku.
She asked what kind of otaku and I just replied with Johnny's. Ever since, she makes at least one joke about it in class.

I do not mind talking about myself in private conversations. Texting and one-on-one talk or conversations in a small group are totally fine. In fact, I talk more than the people I am talking to. I just do not like giving up the tiniest of information about myself in front of a bunch of people I never talked to and do not intend to talk to. Like ever.

But even in one-on-one conversations I still only let them scratch on the surface. If people want to know more, I would either have to like them off the bat a lot or they got to unlock friendship level 9.

I usually do not like people off the bat so really, unlock friendship level 9 if you want to know something about me.

I guess that's why I can count the number of friends I have on my hands. I just don't care enough. Not about them, not about myself.

Well, I do not mind. I am fine as long as I got the friends I am tight with even though I am a walking mess.

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